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“ nothing ever becomes real, ‘til it is experienced” - john keats

i’m a caribbean soul, born and raised on the eclectic, exotic and vibrant island of curaçao. i lived in the netherlands for seven years before making san francisco my home in 2009.

i speak four languages: dutch, papiamentu, english and spanish. music, food, family and friends go hand in hand and have been the foundation for my most memorable experiences. to cook and host people for dinner is my zen. dance is my favorite form of expression, travel is my gateway to humanity and a walk through my imagination occurs at least once a day.

what is most important to me is to design experiences that encompass the essence of you: your life, your culture, your individuality, your traditions, your experiences, your story. i value human connection, to share life experiences and to build relationships with intention. individuality stands out - the shared experience is what connects us.


life is a beautiful mystery filled with treasures

imagination feeds my soul

human connection is a powerful energy source

the simple things in life - that is ultimate luxury

travel is a gift that keeps on giving

every morning light after a night of dreams, is a celebration of gratitude for beginning a new day